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transparent book

Laser-cut and engraved acrylic book covers and spine with printed transparency pages tied together with fishing line.

5"x 5"

Project Description

This is a visual interpretation of time in the form of a book. Einstein’s passage about time is overlayed with my projections to form a muddled conversation.
If the user doesn’t isolate the text on the page they desire to read, the words become illegible, either overwhelmed with the future words or drowning in words of the past.
The user must focus on the current text to fully utilize the book. 


I was very interested in the topics of time and how I could show the passing of time physically in the form of a book. The passage felt very familiar and I wanted to respond to the passage as though it were a conversation.

Skills used

  • Typography

  • Product design 

    • Laser cutting​

    • Laser engraving

    • Printing on mylar

back of transparent book

On the back of the book, I give the instructions to look up the color cyan on the user's phone and put it under the page they desire to read. The red words then become isolated and the cyan words disappear into the background. I then ask them to repeat the process with red, allowing only one story on that singular page to be read. 

A Memento of Our Time (2019- )

Laser-cut acrylic box, with printed transparencies.

2.5"x 2.5".


Laser-cut acrylic, cut to fit the other acrylic pieces perfectly without glue. The addition of the transparencies can be removed, rearranged or replaced.

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