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Interstate Font Typography Book (2019)
Early 20th Century: A Typographic History Brochure, 2018
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Japanese Influence on Typographic Design Page
Artistic Movements Page
Timeline Page
Back of Brochure

Above is a typographic history brochure, focused on early 20th century design. I designed it with the style and main movements in mind, and a different movement focus on every page, while the back inverts the front.

Resume / Cover Letter / Envelope / Stamp / Business Cards / Logo
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Business Card 1
Business Card 2
Business Card 3
Business Card 4
BETTERE [Recovered].png

This set of documents are my resume, cover letter, envelope, stamp and business cards plus my logo. This assignment was to brand yourself, and I chose a versatile logo that isn't connected to a gender for the wide variety of work I create, while combining it with a simple resume to make the logo stand out further. The lack of gender and simplicity of "bon" lets my work stand alone, separate from the biases people might associate with my real name. 

Chinese Contemporary Art: '85 New Wave Fluxus Poster

This is a poster I made for my History of Chinese Contemporary Art about Xiamen Dada's addition to the progress of fluxus in the '85 era in China.

BON logo
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