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oh my look at the time(of year)


In the past two weeks, I have been looking more in-depth in the bench design specifically. I met with Mick Kennedy again with this issue in mind and he suggested I think about making the curved sections of the bench concrete so I can make the straight sections recycled ann arbor wood. This would use a lot fewer materials and would be more environmentally friendly. Initially, I wanted to make the bench the proposed 18 ft, but realistically I don’t think that would fit in the current CCTC or the senior studios or my home once this is all done. I can still design it to be that long online but it won’t be that long for the senior show.


Obstacles I encountered were; the length of my thesis paper, realistic use of space, and the way-finding of the exhibition. the length of my thesis paper was already too long, I will continue writing with the length as an afterthought, then break it down further to be the required 3000 words. I will submit the condensed one for the final paper, and keep the longer one to have for my own files. Another obstacle is I am not content with my current designs. They’re headed someplace spectacular but I want them to be an equal balance of form and function, and they keep ending up being one or the other. When designing the station I want bold shapes but I don’t want white elephant architecture. I want environmentally sustainable and conscious, but I also want sleek and meditative. I am meeting with 3 professionals this week to work through these problems.


I am honing in on a design this week and fully rendering it by Monday. I want to be in the pre-production model and have a mini model by mid next week and a full model by the end of the week after that. Still understanding how big I should dream of the big structure, or how detailed I can get without getting lost. I want to have a rendered model of the structure by the end of next week. I am approaching the time when I will have to use one of my extra weeks to be back on track to finish.

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