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I have reached out to Mick Kennedy of the Architecture school after being directed to him by Mike Vitale and Brian Banks for my project, very helpful with determining where i should go from here and what i should think about when it comes to the heating and cooling, and ventilation of the space while still thinking of the space as an experience and 3 demential and not just walls and seating. My current schedule is this

week 1-2

- contact people and get design input and finalized designs

- apply for grant from arts engine and contact Tree of Heaven project under the recommendation of Mick Kennedy.

- talk to the people in the Duderstadt and the students Mick Kennedy suggested to understand what I can do with VR.

- understand and finalize decisions on materials that I will use.

week 3-4

- digitize designs in rhino with help from the Duderstadt and mike vitale

- submit grant application for Arts Engine

- fabricate miniature models and full scale test joints, understand how to combine acrylic and 3d printed materials so the model of the structure will be closest to the idea I have in mind

week 5-6

- create first full mini models of structure

- change designs according to problems found with material

- start cncing wood pieces to create first test run of full size modular bench

- if the pieces work well then begin the sanding process

week 7-8

- organize writing, graphics and explanation of what I want to do in document form for presentation and exhibition

- take all finalized designs and translate them to the 3d modeling software that works best with twin motion

- talk to audio engineers about the idea you have for what sounds you want for the presentation and exhibition

week 9-10

- finalize everything

- leave room for error.

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