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serious design time

This week I figured out that I wanted the walls of the new bus station to be able to be opened and closed to allow air to travel through them while also having a hot water pipe run along the wall of the structure to provide a low energy heat source for the space without wasting money trying to heat the entire structure. This was helpful overall and lets me focus on the design of the roof now. I have been interested in making the structure more calming and highlight the moment of being there, and encourage self-reflection, or at least reflect on their surroundings like what happens in art galleries. The moments in them can be very calming and reflective of the art itself. I looked back to the most reflective and calming galleries and wanted to explore why they worked so well at making me focus on that moment. I came to realize that the lighting and sparse furnishings really helped focus on other aspects of the space like the heavily detailed work or the outdoors like with James Turrell's work. Since realizing this I have wanted to focus on the galleries ways of naturally lighting the space and how they in the past have helped the work itself.

I started sketching roofs and other architectural aspects that interact with each other in interesting ways in my journal, inadvertently learning about how to diffuse light and how to maximize the light you have to gain more less. I looked to architectural magazines first, that highlight recent feats of design while also looking back to the museums I went to while in Japan that was open-air and utilized the space fully, taking in all aspects of the experience; sight, sound, touch, and smell, without taste. The result was a truly mesmerizing and enveloping experience that I would like to recreate in at least a fraction of the effect it had on me on the viewers/participants.

I also worked on creating the joints to the bench so I can use as little wood as possible or at least waste as little wood as possible on the bench itself. Using the CNC machine will be helpful with very precise cuts and not wasting as much material.

The future obstacles I will have to tackle this week are, figuring out the full design of the structure and finalizing the joint designs. If I don't get this done this week I am concerned I will hinder myself from future progress. This will be vital so that I don't work beyond the 8-week layout of my plan so I can focus on the presentation more.

What I am planning to do is to finalize the design and begin to digitize it. I have rhino now but I am thinking of using SketchUp since it goes better with my VR and 3d finishing software. However, I know how to 3d print with rhino so I am still deciding on which one to use. The joints will be interesting to figure out so I will be asking my collaborator in the engineering school for some assistance. I will also be reaching out to the people that I have been told to talk to for some advice and assistance. I found the meeting with Mick to be a very helpful and productive hour so if I have more like that in various areas, where I probe more creative minds then maybe I can do more in a faster time than I currently am.

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