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1. This week I have figured out what I must do by the mid review in December, and this has given me a clearer timeline to map out what I have to do and by when. I want to have a mini model of the chair as well as a 3d model of the site. This is the goal, but I would have to be in full design mode now so I can produce a chair design and get the materials. I can feel myself leaning towards wood just based on the resources we have here for wood, but I also don't know too much about the material to feel fully confident in anything. I am about to schedule a meeting with an architecture advisor to get opinions on how to go about tackling the structure itself. I will attempt to ask my architecture friends what their opinions and reasons are. (this took 5 hours)

2. I accomplished the beginning of a definitive schedule which is usually very hard for me, so this feels better than before

3. I will be defining my schedule fully, making sure I can actually keep myself accountable.

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