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and yet she persists


I completely understand that I am trying to take on 3 different projects. This week I looked into art theory to try and figure out a way to combine the ideas of tranquility and realism. I want to highlight what is already there, and help people enjoy the moment that they are at the bus stop rather than a space that makes people want to think about anything but the space they were in. Within my 5 hours of researching realism I started to understand that realism only works when it is starkly contrasted with sterility of a gallery space. The design forces the eye to only focus on the aspect that the artist wanted to highlight. For 6 hours I looked at seating design within the context of parametric design and Japanese wood-burning (shou sugi ban). Parametric design was interesting and I have been into the use of parametric design with wood and layering the 2D wood in organic shapes to make a 3d organic shape. I love this idea but! it is not a ecologically friendly route to the seating problem so there are questions within that line of thought as well.


I accomplished figuring out more of what I want the space to do and how I would need to break up the work so I can get it done.


I will be looking into ecologically friendly and weather proof/sustainable materials to make the seats out of, this may deter me from using the cnc machine or digital fabrication but! I will find a way.

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