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pre-mid-term, post-first-interview

1. / 2. I mainly researched what a design ethnography is, I did this for a solid 10 hours on monday alone, found sources and printed them out by thursday and covered my walls. On tuesday I conducted a few interviews where I went and asked people questions and had them tell me the answers as I wrote them down. On the last page I had a list of possible options I wanted to add to the cctc and had them circle what they would like. I conducted 7 of these interviews, and since then I did further research on the way to actually conduct interviews and it doesn't involve suggesting changes but rather just listening to the people and understanding what they do and why they do it and how the space affects them. So I will be conducting new interviews today and making personas out of the results. (15 hours in total)

3. I have to create a presentation to show my findings but other than that I am Good!

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