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week blog make weak bog (#3)

the title above is a play on phonology, which is an idea in linguistic anthropology that relates the sound of the word vs. the meaning. anyways.

what i did:

3.5 hrs - reading /// 1hr - writing ///4.5 hours of studio time - mapping out the wording of the proposal and deciding next steps

what i accomplished/ discovered/ encountered:

i reviewed some reading that led me to liking the areas of art that I want to use to inform this work, and found some books on how people make a good public space. From what i've seen it will be a challenge to make a public space that is comfortable and has an easy upkeep, but in theory the emphasis I will put on light will translate to a comfortable space with minimal upkeep. We figured out the wording on the main research question, but my problem is the wording will be very important to show scope and the options for the main word (safety vs. calm vs. comfort) is kind of a trick question since you can't have comfort without safety, nor calm without safety, nor comfort without calm. I guess the most overall word could be calm, but I don't want people to think I'm pushing aside the other words which are equally as important if not more.

what i think i should do next:

I have to polish finish my proposal and start my ethnography on the cctc. I am going to email the university transportation facilities, because I know they take data on the riders since the bus drivers have to count how many come in and out of the bus at every stop.

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