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weekly blog #2

1. What I did

2 hrs Read university of Michigan urban planning journal 2018 and took notes on their article about public space and private space being used in Ann Arbor.

2hrs figured out how to combine my two focuses for this project without making it about me, realized would have to do some on the ground research about the stop to learn what people would want there not just me.

2. What I discovered/thought about

The corner in Ann Arbor that has the outdoor seating and beer garden is really popular for people to stop and use, it just also happens to be an outdoor private space, but the surrounding area, textures and activities make it beloved. A more public space on campus that is utilized a lot is the diag yet even though you can use it more freely it still is a private space that is regulated. So my main question is whether the cctc is private or public and how that would affect what I can do and how much can I do?

3. What I think I should do next

I think I should conduct interviews and sit at the cctc for long periods of time to watch the traffic and do a mini ethnographic study on the space as well as look up zoning laws and reasons for the design they created.

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